Cosmetic Dentistry

St. Patrick’s Day

On March 17, everyone has a little Irish in them. St. Patrick’s Day is a joyous celebration of Irish heritage. The holiday originated as a commemoration of Saint Patrick, who brought Christianity to Ireland. The saint arrived in Ireland in 432 and earned the reputation of a champion of Irish Christianity. March 17th, the day of St. Patrick’s death, has […]

Three Valuable Dental Treatments

In our office, we customize treatment for every patient. Amid all of the fillings, crowns, and veneers, we find there are three treatments that are most valuable when offering our patients options: dental implants, bite guards, and teeth whitening. Dental implants are a great tool for those who have lost teeth from trauma, genetic predetermination, decay, or fracture. Technology and […]

Discover New Cosmetic Dentistry Offerings

Cosmetic dentistry is often offered by both general and specialist dentists who provide their patients with some of the most exceptional dental treatments. Cosmetic improvements can be made in just about every area of a person’s mouth, including teeth whitening, veneers, crowns, bridges, and implants. Let’s look at the many cosmetic services now available for patients of all ages. Teeth Whitening […]

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Top 3 Most Popular Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments

As more people are looking for effective ways to improve their smiles, cosmetic dentistry serves to help anyone looking for a more aesthetic way to say cheese. The great thing about cosmetic dentistry is that there are different techniques to not only enhance a person’s smile but also improve dental health simultaneously. If you are looking for cosmetic dental treatment options […]

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Clear Choice For Full-Mouth Dental Implants

Dental implants are an excellent solution when it comes to replacing missing teeth. They work to replace original roots in the gum and secure a replacement crown on top. While a single implant is used for replacing one or two missing teeth, full arch dental implants may be recommended if all or most of your teeth are missing. Full arch […]

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How Can Cosmetic Dentistry Improve My Life?

Appearance tends to be the first thing others notice, and a smile is among the most notable features. Improving a smile can serve as a dual step to improving your dental health and feeling better about yourself. The best way to do this is with the help of a trusted cosmetic dentist. Cosmetic dentistry doesn’t just help enhance your smile, […]

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Cosmetic Dentistry: How To Change Your Smile

Your smile can greatly affect your self-confidence. With modern cosmetic dentistry, you have many treatment options to choose from, regardless of budget. Your cosmetic dentist awaits at Southshore Dental bound to make way to improve your smile. From full-blown makeovers to cost-efficient, quick fixes, the following list outlines proven cosmetic dental treatments that can help you achieve a better-looking smile. […]

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Achieve Your Best Smile With Cosmetic Dentistry

Having a fully confident smile is a plus in building your belief in yourself. Fortunately, with the advancement in technology, you can achieve that infectious smile with ease unlike ever before. Cosmetic dentistry has benefited many with self-esteem and confidence to a higher level. However, it is important to note that cosmetic dentistry not only gives you a good smile. It […]

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Here’s How Cosmetic Dentistry Can Help You

Cosmetic dentistry offers dental solutions to improve your smile. Transform the appearance of your teeth with cosmetic dental techniques to give you the smile you desire. What is Cosmetic Dentistry? Cosmetic dentistry, also known as esthetic dentistry, involves using new and advanced dental technology to help improve the appearance of the teeth, enhancing the smile. Cosmetic dentistry can help rejuvenate […]

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Dental Options To Fix a Chipped Tooth

Having a chipped tooth can not only spoil your appearance, but also may cause serious risk to the health of your tooth. If you have a chipped tooth, it is essential to work with a dentist quickly to ensure your tooth health is not tarnished. Why Should You Fix Your Chipped Tooth? While it may seem like a minor issue, […]