5 Common Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

5 Common Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

In a digital world where it seems the value of a picture has surpassed a thousand words, people are gearing up to strike a pose anytime, anywhere, for any reason, now more than ever before. It can be wonderful and uplifting to see the shining smiling faces of friends and family on your favorite social platforms while they’re out having adventures and exploring their world, but when the lens is turned towards you, it can make be a form a stress and anxiety if dental imperfections prevent you from smiling for the camera and leave you feeling uncomfortable. Cosmetic dentistry might seem out of reach however, modern technology has made it so that many cosmetic dental options are both simple and affordable.

Learn more about these five types of cosmetic dentistry to help find the right fit for your goals:

Professional Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening offers a fast and simple way to remove discolorations from your teeth. Teeth can lose their natural color and sheen from a variety of causes such as regular coffee consumption or smoking. Professional whitening takes the idea of restoring, brightening, and whitening your smile to a whole nother level with safe and effective techniques that won’t harm your enamel, as some questionable over-the-counter solutions have been reported to do.

Invisalign Orthodontia

Let’s face it, most adults don’t want traditional braces. Invisalign is the go-to for orthodontic correction that is “almost invisible” when worn day-to-day. Three-dimensional imaging technology is used to create sets of custom liners that will help gently correct your teeth over time, in conjunction with guidance and support from an orthodontist to properly straighten and align your smile.

Dental Crowns

Crowns are the cosmetic solution to help support teeth that are damaged by decay and cavities. Crowns are shaped to fit over root canals and other prepared teeth in order to provide an external cosmetic fix, and usable tooth surface too. Crowns can help strengthen broken or damaged teeth in an aim to restore both form and function.

Dental Tooth Implants

It may seem like a marvel of modern medicine, but missing teeth can now be replaced with ease. Dental implants are similar to a dental crown in that they both remove damaged teeth and restore gum health; however, implants are intended more for situations where the tooth itself can’t be strengthened on its own. Implants use a post and screw procedure to become permanently installed in your mouth and anchored to your gum line like your natural teeth. Some might consider it a sort of tooth-shaped prosthesis for your mouth.

Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are yet another level of an intervention in single-tooth replacement. Bridges are designed to anchor fake teeth to existing teeth, with which your cosmetic dentist is able to cover existing gaps where teeth have gone missing. Bridge use allows some patients to avoid an immediate need for dentures after damage from tooth decay or an accident, helping to restore both your smile and oral health. Dental bridges can come in a vast variety of sizes and are typically tailored to each individual patient’s needs.


Cosmetic dentistry offers five different procedures that can help to bring back your smile and have you photo-ready in no time. The level of intervention necessary is discussed between you and your dental professional based on individual need and budget. If you have any dental imperfections, there are solutions to restore both the form and function of damaged teeth. In Southeast Michigan, explore cosmetic dentistry options tailored specifically for you. In just three easy steps, you can schedule a FREE CONSULTATION with the highly-trained and educated team at Southshore Dental in Trenton, MI and get started on bringing back your smile.

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