5 Things You Need To Know About Invisalign Braces

A Girl Wearing Invisalign Clear Braces

Invisalign braces continue to grow in popularity, making them the preferred choice over traditional metal braces. The clear choice in teeth alignment, Invisalign is something to smile about.

Let’s explore the important things you need to know about Invisalign braces, their benefits, and why they’re the clear choice  over metal braces.

Evident Results Sooner

One of the preferred advantages Invisalign braces have over metal braces is how quickly patients are able to start clearly seeing the results. In as little as a few months, patients who are committed to wearing their aligners everyday, start seeing noticeable improvements to their smile.  Invisalign’s treatment plan involves customized clear mouth trays  you need to wear.   Every two weeks, you change to new aligners in different sizes, helping improve your smile and align your teeth. Your dentist will determine how long the entire individual course of treatment will be.

Does Not Restrict The Food You Eat

Invisalign braces allow you to eat anything you want, unlike metal braces that restrict you from certain kinds of food that damage wires or brackets.   With the clear choice Invisalign, you can continue enjoying favorite foods such as:

Anything crunchy, including vegetables

Since these clear braces are removable,  you simply remove them right before eating and brush your teeth before putting them back in to prevent staining.

Can Whiten Your Teeth

The main objective of wearing Invalisign braces is to align and straighten your smile. However, these clear braces can also whiten your teeth at the same time! When you use whitening agents or toothpaste, wearing them immediately afterward can allow the substances from the whitener to adhere to your teeth.

Aside from whitening, Invalisign braces can also help prevent your teeth from getting cavities. This happens when the fluoride from your toothpaste sticks to your teeth when you wear them after toothbrushing.

No Age Limit

If you think Invisalign braces are only for teens, you need to reconsider. They are ideal not only for  young people, but for older adults too! Although older people could be slower to start seeing results, a significant job of correcting any serious dental misalignment can be achieved.  Even senior citizens can get Invisalign when they have healthy teeth and optimum gum condition.

More Comfortable than Metal Braces

Invisalign braces generally provide better comfort to patients than metal braces. The brackets are sharp with traditional metal braces, and their edges can dig or cut into your cheeks, tongue, and lips. Metal braces can also cause difficult-healing sores, often requiring you to put wax on the outside of your metal brackets.

These clear braces are custom-made to your teeth’s condition and alignment, and the smooth edges are made with resin that won’t dig or cause any soreness in your mouth. Because Invisalign braces are custom-made, they provide comfortable control over your teeth, ensuring that you won’ feel any pain or discomfort in your mouth while wearing them.

Invisalign Braces Can Be Right For You

Invisalign in Trenton, MI offer many benefits, allowing you to comfortably eat and drink what you want without worrying about wire or bracket damage. They offer quality treatment to straighten your teeth, providing convenience with shorter and fewer appointment schedules.

Southshore Dental, a leading cosmetic and family dentistry in Trenton, MI, offers quality treatments and high-end dental services at competitive rates. Have any inquiries about your dental health?  Send us a message now!

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