Invisalign: Dentist Or Orthodontist?

Invisalign: Dentist Or Orthodontist?

Invisalign is a clear, removable teeth straightening device. The clear plastic uses gentle pressure to move the teeth in order to correct minor bite alignment issues and straighten your smile. On average, the treatment takes between nine months and one year to achieve the complete result.

Invisalign Alignment Trays

Regardless of what type of dental professional is providing treatment, all alignment trays are exclusively made at an Invisalign lab. The dental professionals take 3D imaging of the patient’s teeth structure, which is then sent to the lab for processing. The experienced Invisalign team carefully creates an individual treatment plan with customized trays for each patient.

A general dentist or an orthodontist who decides to offer Invisalign treatment to their patients must be a Certified Invisalign Provider. To provide patients with Invisalign, they must first get proper training in using and administering the product. In the training, they also learn about how to assess the patient’s progress and detect any issue that may arise during the shifting of teeth.

Dentist or Orthodontist For Invisalign?

General dentists and orthodontists are both trained to use and administer Invisalign. They are both qualified and able to provide Invisalign treatment. Each patient can decide which is best for them depending on their needs and preference.

If you have more than an alignment issue, then seeing a dentist may be a better choice. In addition to Invisalign, a dentist can provide other dental treatments, such as teeth cleaning, whitening, and dental work, such as fillings. Another advantage of getting Invisalign treatment from dentists is that they will be familiar with your dental health history. Your dentist will have a record of your prior dental work and any past concerns. This can help your dentist provide more thorough care.

Weighing Cost Options

The cost of Invisalign treatment can vary from practice to practice, as well as by location. Typically, dentists may provide Invisalign treatment at a lower cost compared to orthodontists.

The best choice for you depends on your budget and what you are looking to get out of your treatment. If you are looking for affordable treatment and the convenience of getting all your dental work done in one place, then choosing a dentist may be the best and most right for you.

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