Choosing The Right Invisalign Dentist

Choosing The Right Invisalign Dentist

Braces are used to correct misalignment of teeth, providing the patient with a new smile after the treatment is over. Traditional, metal-wired braces have several limitations. They are highly visible, many times making patients self-conscious because they tend to attract a lot of undesired attention. They also constantly need to be adjusted and tightened, as well as making it difficult to maintain proper dental hygiene.

Invisalign braces offer several advantages over traditional metal braces. They are clear, thus less noticeable, and also removable so you can eat, drink, and clean your teeth without the worry of damaging the appliance. The Invisalign procedure involves the use of acrylic aligners that form to the teeth.

Most people are only familiar with one benefit of orthodontic treatment: a beautiful smile. However, well-aligned teeth improve the functionality of teeth, helping to resolve any issues of pain or discomfort when biting and chewing. Once teeth are aligned, many dental problems and complications are removed. Having straight teeth also improves speech.

Invisalign Process Details

Not all dentists or orthodontists are allowed to carry out the Invisalign procedure. To qualify, they have to undergo training offered by Align Technologies Corp., the company which manufactures the product.

Every Invisalign dentist is required to submit records of their work on a regular basis. This way, the company is able to ensure that the procedure is done properly. Any expert who has undergone the specialized session offered by Align Technologies is qualified.

Before choosing an Invisalign dentist, you should think of your treatment as a journey; not a one time thing. Consequently, you should choose an Invisalign dentist whom you’re able to work with long-term. Depending on the extent of the malocclusions, you may need to wear the aligners for between 40- 60 weeks. You will need to visit your Invisalign orthodontist for checkups. However, with Invisalign treatment, the number of visits is greatly reduced compared to the traditional braces.

An Invisalign dentist is a specialist in the Invisalign process which corrects malocclusions using invisible braces. The experts at Southshore Dental are all trained and perform the procedure. In fact, the practitioners here are among the few Elite Preferred Providers.

If you want to realign your teeth using Invisalign, choose a preferred dentist. For more information and to book your consultation, please visit

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